Marie Navarro

bringing magic to the world - one book at a time

Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

The FeyTerrah Series

Book One - Part 1         A Bridge in the Forest &
Book One - Part2         A Promise in the Forest

When impish college freshman Lily Kingman finds a secret gateway to the fairy world, her seemingly unremarkable life changes virtually overnight. In less than a week, she encounters life-threatening dangers and magical beings, discovers a family secret, and learns she is prisoner to a spell.
Oh, one more thing. The fairy king commands her to lead a group of elves and fairies back to her world to bring back his missing daughter. 
Burdened with the knowledge that could endanger the fairy world and faced with a painful choice, Lily must accept the truth of who she is and embrace her new diplomatic role or face heartbreaking consequences.

Book Two -          A Secret in the Forest

Despite Dreamer's earlier warning, an antagonistic Victor sets out to discover Lily's secret and gains dangerous information. Dreamer keeps quiet, as he begins experiencing a transformation that will give him extraordinary abilities. 
Just as the Kingmans are discovering other fey and fey allies in their community, Lily and Dreamer disappear, and the evidence points to Victor. The Kingmans cannot call on local authorities for help without revealing their family's secret. Dreamer takes drastic steps to demonstrate to Victor what a war between their worlds would mean. Lily makes a painful decision about her wedding.

Book Three -         Moonlight in the Forest

When Dreamer and Lily return to FeyTerrah, they bring along a large number of fey descendants from Otherworld. Sir Elo and Dreamer share with King Solren information that could influence the future between the two worlds. The king arranges a council meeting and commissions Dreamer and Lily to invite the other kings and representatives of the dragon race to the event. During their journey, Lily learns the entire history of the magical Ninatlee necklaces. The dragons reveal a startling secret about the Riverlord family. After meeting Rachel’s family, Dreamer discovers that Lily may possess astonishing powers that could free them from the mysterious spell on the necklaces. And, that the cost of breaking the spell might be very high.

The FeyTerrah Family Farm Series

Book One - A Magical Yule 

Lily and Dreamer find success as a married couple in the human world. However, they discover that raising fey children - in particular, their only daughter, Ava - in the human world to be a special challenge. With Christmas plans falling apart and a stranger hanging out at Joey's and asking questions about the owners of the farm, Lily wonders if the Riverlord's efforts to introduce the Fey back into the human world could be a mistake.

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