Marie Navarro

bringing magic to the world - one book at a time

Fantasy Romance

The Magically Ever After Series

El'faelin elves are handsome, honorable, and just a little naughty. Inevitably, mischief, magic, and romance stir things up when they meet the right lady.

Book One

Julianne's Wish

Ten years ago, a very young and heartbroken, Julianne made a wish on a falling star. Now, if she can't find a way to reverse the granted wish, it could cost her best friend, Forest, his life.

When Forest realizes that the unexplained attraction, drawing him and Julianne closer, is proof that they are soulmates, he is dismayed. He is elf and she is human. Forest doesn’t want or need that kind of complicated relationship. Besides, Julianne has made it clear that he is just a friend.

With time running out before Forest must return to El’Faelin, the friends must accept difficult truths. Otherwise, they risk losing more than a chance at true love.


release date - August 13, 2019

Book Two

Morgan's Mistake

When Morgan was a seven year old child, she accidentally and unknowingly, captured her new elf friend, Blackberry.

Years later, a grown Morgan meets Blackberry again and is delighted to reunite with her old friend. However, Blackberry believes Morgan betrayed him.

Morgan must find a way to free the elf and regain his friendship. She soon learns that the price she must pay is very high.

release date - coming soon

Book Three

Samantha's Magic

Samantha's latest treasure, an antique floor mirror purchased at an estate auction, came with a surprise inside.

Over 200 years ago, Connor angered a powerful woman when he rejected her immoral advances. In retaliation, she had a witch imprison him in the mirror.

A witch herself, Samantha searches for a spell to free Connor. As she tries to help him, she finds herself falling in love with him. Samantha soon discovers that in setting Connor free, she could lose him forever.


release date - tbd

Book Four

Darcy's Promise

After a handsome homeless stranger saves her life, Darcy decides to repay the favor by helping him get off the streets.

Discovering that Garrett isn't homeless, but a lost foreign visitor, Darcy makes a promise to help him find his travel companions and his way home

As she finds herself falling in love with him, Darcy realizes that keeping her promise means giving up Garrett. 

release date - tbd